HAIKU (Me, Tom Majesky, Kris Adams 1978)
(Left to right, kneeling: Me, Tom Majesky. Standing: Kris Adams)
(Left to right: Mark Powell, Tyrone Lampkin, Me, Tom Majesky)

It’s a simple question. Can I change my mind? Tyrone Davis asked it so plaintively in 1968. I heard that song on the radio in cars and I wanted more. I loved that little sliding rhythm guitar part. I loved the simple sweet soul music chords. I loved the whole note horn parts. I loved the half-growled, half-groaned singing of Tyrone Davis. It was the perfect combination.

A few years later I would go down to the record store in Hartford, Connecticut, walking down Park Street through Frog Hollow, to Joe Cyr’s Belmont Record Shop at the corner of Park and Washington Streets. I would get many 45’s there. They always had what I was looking for. And if they didn’t they would order it for me.

In the late 70’s into the early 80’s I formed the band Haiku with my friend and housemate Tom Majesky. His girlfriend at the time Kris Adams made a trio. It was me on piano and vocals, Tom on guitar and vocals, Kris on vocals.  I populated our repertoire with my favorite soul songs and arranged them. In 1981 we added Tyrone Lampkin (of Parliament/Funkadelic/Brides of Funkenstein fame) on drums and Mark Powell on bass.

In 1981 we went into my friend Ron Scalise’s studio The 19 in South Glastonbury and recorded a bunch of songs. Here is “Can I Change My Mind”, with Tyrone Lampkin on drums and Mark Powell on bass.


10 thoughts on ““CAN I CHANGE MY MIND” by HAIKU

  1. Matt Vernali says:


    I played with Mark Powell(Sneakers) in the early seventies in Middletown CT. Haven’t heard about or from him since. Do you know if he’s still around?

    1. Hi Matt. Neither myself nor my wife or her old band Eight To The Bar have heard from him or been able to track him down since he last played with me in the early 80’s.

  2. George brey says:

    Loved it. No offense intended but it reminded me of a song by Tyrone Davis called “turn back the hands of time”. A small AM soul radio station in Windsor ct WKND use to play it often. Vocals and guitar were 1970 soul on your recording. George B, a fan not a fellow musician ie no talent

    1. Thanks George, glad you liked the song! I of course loved Tyrone Davis’ voice on both of his hits “If I Could Turn Back The Hands Of TIme” and this one “Can I Change My Mind”. He was a unique very gifted soulful singer!

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